The Beauty of a Strong Brand with a Unique Offer

This year, we have more firmly planted our feet in Northwest Arkansas than ever before. We have our own office, an account manager and our CPG sales leader spending as much or more time there than ever.

This team has invited me to many meetings and I’ve learned that 90% of the time two questions come up:

1. How can you target our audience?

CPG marketers have become brilliant in segmentation and most media have in turn become excellent at narrowing segments even further to “left-handed mothers whose children are in day care.” (Okay, I’m just kidding about left-handed but you get the point.)

2. What kind of results can we expect?

My answer to 1 is that we are a “one to many” medium, not a one-to-one. That is, we can “only” target geographically and guarantee you that every person who receives your sample has a job. You won’t only please mothers with kids in child care, you will please everyone. It’s an uncluttered environment and sharing is to everyone, not just coupon clippers. Best of all, if they are not a parent with kids in day care, they share your sample with someone who is – be it a sibling, a friend, a daughter a son. Who better to recommend?

The goodwill created by sharing samples and incentives then causes earned media, often called word of mouth (WOM). Sharing causes talk, talk causes opinions and opinions of trusted fellow workers cause purchases if there is brand strength and quality.

On results, my answer is: We don’t know…and we do know.

What we know:

The brand affects results
The category matters
The offers matters
Current brand advertising and marketing matters
Creative matters

What we don’t know:

How much each factor matters to your (particular) brand and campaign

So, while we can’t predict what will happen on your brand, we can and do develop (with your help) measurable goals for each campaign.

We have a unique channel to offer brands and marketers access to our key contacts who share your offer with their associates. This has inherent value. Brands and retailers have been trying to gain meaningful access to the workplace for at least twice the time I’ve been alive. Reaching employees who worked near their stores was as attractive to marketers in the early 1900s as it is today. When asked why he robbed banks, Willie Sutton famously said, “It’s where the money is.” We say the same about reaching the workplace with offers and samples. . . it’s where the money is.

We create relationships and maintain those relationships with our network of key contacts. And whether that employer has 50 or 500 employees, that key contact has a lot of clout within their organization. Our clients’ incentives and samples make them even more important and popular – who doesn’t love a sample and the hero who passes it along?

Our best clients demand return on investment, so we work with them to find out what specifically they’re looking for, then we help them track each campaign and accomplish those goals.

And while we can’t predict results, we are gladly judged on impact. To comment, please email me directly at the mailbox below.


Tim McCarthy

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