Retailers: Combine Workplace Marketing with Digital Advertising

Retailers, don’t just stop at foot-traffic, how about a stampede of qualified consumers to enter your doors? The workplace marketing channel can deliver exactly that. Consumers with jobs, working closely to your stores to take advantage of your offers in an uncluttered environment.

Now, retailers can double-down on this audience by leveraging digital location intelligence to target the most relevant businesses online and off.

That’s right, using digital foot-traffic data marketers can determine which businesses are more than likely to frequent certain retail stores then target them with relevant messages. Then we can take that intelligence and make it actionable to highly engaged audiences with direct messaging to at work consumers.

As they say, birds of the feather do flock together. The water color effect of workplace marketing begins a work, but does not stop there! At work consumers share offers back home to loved ones to create word of mouth marketing like no other. And now with the power of location data, marketer can measure foot-traffic impact of at work campaigns and optimize future spend efficiently. Below is a framework:

Step 1: Develop a workplace marketing plan, identify the best businesses who will be receptive.

Step 2: Develop digital creative unit that aligns with your offline offer.

Step 3: Target to the workplace employees online for three days prior and three-days after.

Step 4: Deliver your offline retail offers to businesses.

Step 5: Measure impact via foot-traffic.

If you have more questions on what we are seeing emerge in the workplace marketing channel – we’re happy to discuss anytime and share how enable.

The WorkPlace Impact Team

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