Restaurants Increase Traffic by Delivering Offers to At Work Consumers

Lunch break, sign me up for that! Workers love getting out of the office with colleagues or friends to take that midday break. Now, with the power of location data, restaurant owners understand exactly which businesses are located around their store fronts AND answer a key question at scale – where do employees normally go during the lunch hour?

That’s right, marketers now have complete understanding where employees go to lunch on a regular basis. So… if they are not frequenting your store front – it’s time to message this ripe audience at the right time with relevant offers before their lunch break. A timely offer directed to employees an hour before lunch gives restaurants leveraging the workplace as a marketing channel a boost in sales and long term customer value.

Simply stated, after identifying which businesses are less likely to frequent your restaurant based on employees’ lunchtime location patterns –place a beautiful lunch time offer in-front of them. Below is five step process to actively engage consumers a work to get them to your restaurant.

Step 1: Develop a workplace marketing plan, identify the best businesses to frequent your restaurant based on employee’s historical lunch patterns.

Step 2: Develop digital creative unit that aligns with your offline offer.

Step 3: Target to workplace employees online for three days prior and three-days after.

Step 4: Initiate an offline offer drop to consumers at work in-between digital campaign.

Step 5: Measure impact via foot traffic and certificate redemption and continually optimize.

If you have more questions on what we are seeing emerge in the workplace marketing channel – we’re happy to discuss anytime.

The WorkPlace Impact Team

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