Get Your branded experiential on – at the Workplace

Brand activation has topped $600B in the U.S. in 2016 according to the most recent study by the ANA ( Brand Activation represents close to 60% of all marketing expenditures.

A huge component of brand activation budgets is experiential marketing. As with all components of the marketing funnel, getting messages in-front of an audience who has the means and ability to engage is key. Sometimes marketers get lost in the options, the data and the new technology capabilities. But a simple litmus test before executing a budget comes down to two core questions. The tricky part is deconstructing each medium’s answer. Below are “responses” from three different media channels alongside the core questions we ask.

1. How are you getting a brand in front of an audience?

a. TV: Households can see your offers, if they are in the room.
b. Digital: Unique users across digital screens, but more than 50% are robots
c. At-work: An entire office location will see your tangible offer.

2. How can this audience engage?

a. TV: A household can view, if they are in the room.
b. Digital: Unique users can click, if they see the Ad.
c. At-work: A whole office floor will use and engage with your brand.

At-work does not have “exceptions.” At-work, if done right, gets your brand in front of a large group of eager-to-engage consumers. It’s tough to build out the network, but once you have office locations committed, your brand will reap engagement.

The only other way to achieve this type experience is sponsorship or development of a custom experiential event – also great audiences! However, a much costlier budget compared to the readily available at-work audience waiting for some brand to shake up their day with an at-work experience.

We love talking about the at-work audience – happy to discuss anytime.

-The WorkPlace Impact Team

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