CPGs Increase Brand Recall Combining Workplace Marketing & Digital Advertising

Every CPG Brand aspires for it – Brand Recall. It happens when you immerse your audience with your product with an unforgettable experience. To obtain it – all five senses are enamored with your brand. See. Hear. Touch. Taste. Smell.

Where is this achievable in a mass custom, uncluttered environment and audience-driven way?

Workplace marketing combined with digital advertising is a fully interactive experience for your brand’s audiences. The power of the two channels increases brand recall by intertwining all five senses over a coordinated media plan. Consumers at work can taste your samples with colleagues and visually interact with your brand’s creative on mobile to increase brand recall and engagement. This integrated approach can be obtained by a few integrated media steps.

Step 1: Develop a workplace marketing plan, identify the best businesses who will be receptive and deliver your offer directly to their employees.

Step 2: Develop digital creative unit that aligns with your offline offer.

Step 3: Target to the workplace employees online for three days prior and three-days after.

Step 4: Initiate branded experiential good drop to workplace in-between digital campaign

Step 5: Measure impact via online study.

If you have more questions on what we are seeing emerge in the workplace marketing channel – we’re happy to discuss anytime.

The WorkPlace Impact Team

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